A Community Plan for the Left Bank area of Perth

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The Big Lottery has provided us with some funds to find out what you - our community here in the Left Bank area of Perth including Bridgend, Gannochy, Kinnoull, Barnhill and Potterhill - would like to see happening in our area. Your views and ideas about life in our local area will provide us with important information to write a Community Plan.

The Community Plan will describe what our community needs are and which services and activities we would like to see developed and maintained here (more places to meet? more play areas? more things to do?).  

Please take this chance to tell us about your vision and ideas for the Left Bank area of Perth - our local community - and how we can improve it.  The survey will take about five minutes to complete.

This information is being processed by EKOS, an independent research company commissioned by the Perth Left Bank Community Development Trust to help develop our Community Plan. The information that you provide will be handled in the strictest confidence and reported anonymously.
Please note: all questions refer to the Left Bank area of Perth!
Where do you live (the area nearest to you)?
Where do you work (the area nearest to your work place)?
What are the 3 things you like most about the Left Bank area of Perth?
What are the 3 things you dislike most about this area?
Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the Left Bank area of Perth as a place to live and/or work?
Many people access services such as sporting, recreational, social or community activities in the city centre of Perth. In your case, would you prefer more services and activities to be available in Perth Left Bank?
Please suggest up to five activities/services that you would like to see being developed and available for you here on the Left Bank.
Some buildings and open spaces at the hospital grounds within the old Murray Royal Hospital site could soon become available for community and other uses.  Do you have a suggestion(s) for an activity, service or facility that you would like to see happening there?
As you know, this survey is about developing a Community Plan to improve the Left Bank area of Perth, do you feel that you are already part of this local community?
Do you think that there are any difficulties or obstacles that tend to stop people from coming together to improve the community?
If so, please indicate which these obstacles are relevant to you:
Please provide us with some details about yourself:
Are you:
What age group do you belong to?
Please tick all boxes that apply:
There will be a community event over the summer where the findings of the survey and the Community Plan are presented. If you would like to be kept informed about these activities, please check the local press and notice boards or one of the following contact points for information:  
plan@perthleftbank.org.uk             www.perthleftbank.org.uk           www.facebook.com/PerthLeftBank


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